Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta

The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta makes a difference by enriching and supporting the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Through our programs, services and collaborations, we advocate and promote awareness, acceptance and understanding for persons with disabilities to live, learn and work in the community. 


Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre

We offer programs and resources for children and adults with disabilities, their friends and family, and other people in the community. We believe that communities are stronger when people of all abilities are involved in activities that are meaningful to them.


Disability Action Hall

We work towards a better Alberta for everyone. We do this by telling our stories, taking action and changing lives! Anyone can be a member at the Hall. The Hall is run by a group of self-advocates and allies. We have weekly meetings and we also have smaller groups to work on things that are important to us.


Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

The MS Society provides services to people with multiple sclerosis and their families and funds research to find the cause and cure for this disease.