The Calgary Domestic Violence Collective (CDVC) has set enhancing informal supports as an area of focus for 2016-2018.

Many victims of domestic violence are reluctant to seek formal help from organizations like the members of CDVC. In these cases, informal supports like friends, family members, community groups and co-workers, are crucial to getting the victim help.

The goal behind this area of focus is to find out what informal supports are commonly used in Calgary and how we can best support them to indirectly help victims of domestic violence. This can be done by providing education, training and a network for people or organizations that are likely to come in contact with people who are caught in unhealthy relationships. Collaborating on domestic violence with professionals in multiple sectors is another way CDVC is working to enhance informal supports.

There is a working group dedicated to this task and the other working groups are expected to consider this a priority, and finds ways to contribute to this area of focus through their work. 

Members who would like to join this working group should email info@endviolence.ca.