Male Victims of Domestic Violence - Alex Cameron

  • Calgary Counselling Centre Suite 200, 940 - 6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3T1

This presentation will focus on males who present as victims of domestic violence and how their experiences share similarities and are different from women. The presentation will focus on statistics, literature, assessment, engagement, resources, practices and examples of how men have presented and what support they are looking for. The Male Domestic Abuse Outreach Program will be better explained, including how to access and refer clients and professionals.

Attendees will be better prepared to work with men who have experienced domestic violence, understanding the issue from a male perspective, as well as how to assess and work with men in a more effective way.

If you work with men in the social services and have had difficulty with assessing and engagement, this presentation will provide opportunity to question and discuss how you can move forward.

Alex is the coordinator of our Male Domestic Abuse Outreach Program. He has a Masters of Social Work – Clinical Specialization, and two degrees in Drama Education and Secondary Education. Prior to working at Calgary Counselling Centre, Alex worked extensively in Vancouver’s Eastside with vulnerable populations, and with Hull Services in their intensive residential treatment programs.

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