Shame and Honour Based Violence

  • Calgary Counselling Centre Suite 200 940 6 Ave SW Calgary, AB, Canada

Presenters:         Jassim-Al-Mosawi, Collaborative Counselling Services

                               Christine Berry, Calgary Counselling Centre

                               Naaz Bhatia, Tran-sitions Counselling                    

                                Satinder Parmar, Probation.

Job Title:  Shame and Honour Based Violence Committee Members

Shame and Honour Based Violence is increasingly being recognized in our community. While it has many features in common with typical domestic violence cases there are discrete features which require special considerations, adjustments to normal client service provision and safety planning activities. A definition of shame and honour based violence will be provided, motivating factors will be examined and risk factors identified.  Also discussed will be a tool which can guide practitioners to pose additional questions, gain awareness, and make recommendations for their clients.

Implications for practice, policy, or knowledge transfer:

To become aware of the issue of shame and honour based violence and recognize the implications for treatment, intervention and practice.   


Maximum of 25 attendees

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