Servants Anonymous Presents: YYC Cycle Charity Ride

  • YYC Cylcle 12445 Lake Fraser Drive Southeast Calgary, AB, T2J 7A4 Canada

YYC Cycle offers a unique workout experience that will leave your mind and body feeling energized and rejuvenated. On Saturday, February 11th, YYC Cycle is holding a charity class, with all class fees and donations to benefit Servants Anonymous! Class drop-in fee is $20.

Directions to sign up for the charity ride are:

1. Go to, click Sign Up Today!
2. Click on the schedule drop down and choose Avenida. **YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO SIGN UP STARTING FEBRUARY 4TH, 2017 **
3. Go to February 11th, 2017 @ 3:00pm. Click SIGN UP! This will prompt you to purchase a charity ride pass and save your seat in the class

If you want to sign up for the ride before this date, please email with the following details.

- First and Last Name
- Phone number and email address