Best Practices in FASD Supports

This informative and engaging workshop will introduce participants to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and its impacts on health and social outcomes throughout the lifespan. Participants will learn how to recognize FASD in clients, and will explore evidence-based, effective approaches for supporting these individuals. This session will emphasize recent efforts of the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN) and its members to create an FASD-informed community of practice, and to build an integrated system of support for individuals and families impacted by FASD.

Implications for practice, policy, or knowledge transfer:

CFAN’s FASD Best Practice Training workshops is aimed at equipping front-line workers in the domestic violence, housing, and mental health sectors with best practice strategies that support improved programmatic outcomes for clients who are either diagnosed or suspected of having fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). As a result of the Best Practices training, workers will have the ability to identify the issues individuals with FASD face and work with them using tools that best help them overcome the challenges they are facing.

Who should attend this session? Is there anyone outside of the sexual and domestic violence service sector who would benefit from attending this session?

Any front line service provider working with individuals diagnosed or suspected of having FASD.

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