Q: Can I volunteer with CDVC?

A: CDVC has many partner agencies that have meaningful volunteer opportunities. Please see our list of partners to see where you would best fit.

Q: How is CDVC funded?

A: CDVC operates with staff, given funding from the United Way Calgary & AreaPeer Support Services for Abused Women operates as CDVC's fiscal agent.

Q: Can I do a practicum at CDVC?

A: CDVC does community development. If that fits with your program, please get in touch with us.

Q: How can I join CDVC?


Q: What are the warning signs of domestic violence?


Q: How can I donate to CDVC?

A: After reading about our core working groups, you can visit our CONTACT US page and get in touch via telephone, email, or in person.

A: Please see this link for warning signs and more information about domestic violence.

A: CDVC operates out of Peer Support Services for Abused Women. Please follow this link to donate.