Media Package

Key Messages

  1. Domestic violence knows no boundaries – everyone is affected
  2. Domestic violence can take many forms
  3. Domestic violence is never justified
  4. There are safe avenues available for help

Myth Busting:

Domestic and sexual violence is not limited to gender, culture, economic or social boundaries, all are affected.

The perpetrator is accountable for the behavior and responsible for ending the violence.

Most victims do not seek or have multiple abusive partners.

Most victims do not have pre-existing mental disorders. Rather, there’s a causal relationship. Because of the constant degradation, humiliation and criticism, victims often experience increases in depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder, and lower levels of self-esteem.

Victims of domestic violence may not always want help and their reasons vary. They may not be prepared to leave, they may be scared their partners will harm them, or they may not trust people if past efforts to seek help have failed.


All media requests should be directed to Dakota Sandquist at 403.869.3256