Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family

The objects of the Institute are to undertake and promote interdisciplinary research, education, and publication on issues related to law and the family; to promote evidence-based reform of the law and legal processes; and, to improve access to justice in family law matters.

Forensic Research Network

The Forensic Research Network is a multidisciplinary collaborative research group at Mount Royal University. It was formed to facilitate collaboration between researchers, whose work is focused on the study of violence prevention, ranging from primary prevention to prevention of the consequences of violent acts. The purpose of the network is to conduct collaborative research with internal and external partners who share interests in violence prevention and intervention.

Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse (RESOLVE) Alberta

RESOLVE Alberta is part of RESOLVE, which is a tri-prairie research network that co-ordinates and supports research aimed at ending violence, especially violence involving girls and women. The RESOLVE network is affiliated with the University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, University of Regina, University of Alberta, University of Winnipeg, and Brandon University.

The goal of RESOLVE is to reduce the incidence and impact of violence and abuse by:

  • creating and evaluating strategies to address violence and abuse;
  • communicating our research results to the public and policy makers;
  • promoting education, awareness, and social change.

To accomplish this we:

  • work with community groups to identify areas where additional research needs to be done;
  • develop action-oriented research projects;
  • work in interdisciplinary teams in partnership with community groups and other universities and centres in Canada;
  • we train students and members of the community organization in research methods.

Sh!ft: The Project to End Domestic Violence

The Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence created Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence. Shift's goal is to significantly reduce and prevent domestic violence in Alberta. The name Shift represents the spirit of this innovative project designed to create transformational change using a primary prevention approach to stop first-time victimization and perpetration of domestic violence. In short, primary prevention means taking action to build resilience and prevent problems before they occur.