Studies show that victims of domestic violence experience high rates of homelessness and housing problems, underscoring “the importance of changing system responses in an effort to reduce women's housing problems and risks for homelessness after separation.” (Baker, et al 2003) A range of housing supports are needed for individuals who are fleeing domestic violence, including emergency shelters, second stage shelters, and affordable housing. In the last three years, shelters in Calgary have expanded these options to include a Housing First model of service delivery. CDVC strongly recommends that in the provincial and local ten year strategy to end homelessness that women fleeing domestic violence are a priority in attaining appropriate and affordable housing.

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters

ACWS is an ambassador for women’s shelters in Alberta, providing support to members and leadership to leverage the collective knowledge: informing solutions to end domestic violence.

Aspen Family

Aspen helps people break out of the cycle of poverty and create better lives for themselves and their families.

It’s not really what they do that’s different; it’s how they do it.

First, they deal with the immediate crisis. They find a place to live for people who are experiencing homelessness, food for those who are hungry, a job, school or health-care support.

But for Aspen, that’s just the beginning. They dig for the real reasons why someone is in this situation in the first place, and then work with them to overcome their challenges for good.

Aspen offers a wide range of programs and one-on-one, personalized support to meet each client’s needs.

Awo Taan Healing Lodge

Awo Taan Healing Lodge provides wholistic support and guidance to women and children from all cultures. The shelter consists of 27 beds that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with emergency counselors on call 24 hours a day.

Brenda Strafford Centre

The Brenda Strafford Society for the Prevention of Domestic Violence is a second-stage shelter for women and their children who have fled domestic violence.

The Centre offers a safe and secure environment. During their six-month stay at the Centre, both women and children are provided with programs and services in a supportive yet independent environment.

Calgary Action Committee on Housing and Homelessness (CACHH)

Calgary Action Committee on Housing & Homelessness (CACHH) aims to address housing and homelessness issues in our community with a focus on activities (prevention, intervention) that target root causes through working with community, all levels of government and service providers.

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre

To prevent homelessness where possible, offer care and shelter when needed, and provide opportunities for people to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives.

Calgary Housing Company

Calgary Housing Company is a City of Calgary owned corporation providing safe and affordable housing solutions to citizens of Calgary. Calgary Housing Company operates and manages over 10,000 subsidized and affordable housing units and has a variety of housing options for low-income households including duplexes, townhouses and high-rise apartments.

Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter

The Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter is here to support individuals and families in their efforts to live free from family violence and abuse.  In partnership with leaders in the field of family violence counselling, the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter has embraced a unique “response based approach” to support victims of family violence.

Community Crisis Society of Strathmore (Wheatland Shelter)

The Community Crisis Society provides ongoing supports and services to women, men and children who are affected by family violence.

Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society

Discovery House provides integrated residential and community services for abused women and children to enable them to live safely in the community.

Rowan House Emergency Shelter

Rowan House Emergency Shelter's mission is to provide crisis intervention, long-term support and education for those affected by family violence in rural communities.

Sonshine Community Services

Sonshine Centre is a one-year residential facility with counseling and supportive services for women and children fleeing domestic violence. The Centre provides a safe place for women and children to live during a time of transition.

YWCA Banff

The YWCA of Banff is a registered charity delivering consistent programming and services to the Bow Valley Communities.  Clients come to the YWCA Banff at critical turning points in their lives.  The YWCA Banff's priorities in service delivery include emergency shelter for women and their families who are fleeing domestic violence; counseling, support and advocacy for women and their families experiencing family violence; violence prevention awareness and programs; affordable long term accommodation; and social housing.  The YWCA of Banff serves a client base of both women and men of all demographic and geographic backgrounds.

YW Calgary

As the largest and longest serving women’s organization in Calgary, the YW is focused on enhancing women’s safety and well-being while advocating for equity. The YW will empower through partnership knowing they can’t achieve their goals alone; advocate with tenacity by being hands-on and proactive; and lead with fortitude while being by their Practice Framework.

The YW is women-centred, brighter-future focused; rules do not constrain them, they provide services that support women to gain control of their lives, become economically secure and live free of violence.

Together with their donors, government and other social agencies, the YW provides shelter, supportive housing, counselling, child development, childcare, education and employment programs that help move women from crisis to stability.