Treatment, Education & Prevention-RELATED MEMBERS OF CDVC

Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women

Offering women with alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions the opportunity for a healthy life and a new direction through treatment, education and support since 1971.

Calgary Catholic School District

Calgary Counselling Centre

Calgary Counselling Centre is a charitable organization committed to providing compassionate, professional, and affordable counselling services to Calgarians.

Calgary John Howard Society

The Calgary John Howard Society is a community-based charitable organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of crime and increasing community safety through preventative and restorative justice practices. To accomplish these ends, they provide:

  • Direct services to individuals at risk
  • Advocacy for effective responses to crime and the individuals involved
  • Education for youth and adults in the community

To see how Calgary John Howard Society houses individuals with criminal justice involvement, please watch:

Connect Family and Sexual Abuse Network

Connect is a service for people who have big and small questions about relationships and experiences. Their goal is to help people recognize unhealthy relationships and abusive relationships in all its forms.

24-Hour Support Line: 403-237-5888

24-Hour Toll-Free (in Alberta): 877-237-5888

Distress Centre

Distress Centre Calgary (DCC) ensures everyone has a place to turn to in a time of crisis by providing 24 hour crisis support, professional counselling and 211 referrals - all at no cost.

It's not up to them to define what the crisis is--it's different for everyone. They don't judge. They're here to listen and connect you with the help you need.

East Calgary Family Violence Committee

Edan Counselling Associates

Further Education Society

The Further Education Society (FESA) works with people in Canada who are striving to overcome social, economic, and educational barriers. They focus on learners with the lowest levels of literacy and education. They have four arms of work: research and curriculum development, facilitator training, community outreach and development, and literacy and parenting programming. Their educational programs are free and offer assistance to vulnerable learners from a variety of backgrounds.

HIV Community Link

HCL promotes the healthy choices people can make to reduce their risk of getting or spreading HIV/AIDS. Let’s make sure the sex we’re having is safe. Let’s utilize harm reduction tools to minimize risk when engaging in injection drug use. Your sex, your life, your choices…just safer.

Jewish Family Service Calgary

Jewish Family Service Calgary is a non-denominational social service agency accessible to Calgarians of all faiths and cultures. Their programs and services include:

  • Support for people experiencing or fleeing domestic violence
  • Counselling for individuals, couples, children, and families
  • Adult Services (advocacy, help with forms, referrals)
  • Basic Needs Services (food assistance, financial aid)
  • Resettlement & Integration
  • Jewish Advocacy
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Literacy Alberta

Literacy Alberta supports literacy through and across the lifespan. They work with individuals, predominantly adults, in Alberta's communities and workplaces. They affect the literacy rates of children and families through our work, as the literacy skills and practices of parents are leading indicators of the level of literacy of children; literacy begins at home. Around the world it is acknowledged that raising literacy rates raises individual and family quality of life and improves the whole economy of any country. By providing support, resources, tools and professional development for literacy practitioners, learners, tutors and employers across Alberta, they help to break the inter-generational cycles of low literacy, poverty, violence, poor health, interaction with the law etc. Through its work, Literacy Alberta will, in the end, help to ensure that every person living in Alberta gains and maintains the literacy skills they need to reach their full potential.


Sagesse is all about EMPOWERMENT.

Whether it's through direct service, capacity building, education or advocacy, Sagesse empowers people, organizations and communities to break the cycle of domestic violence through peer support groups , workshops and more.

University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work

The Faculty of Social Work is proud to offer graduate and undergraduate education to students across Alberta.

Youville Recovery Residence for Women

Youville’s mission is to operate residential recovery facilities for women who experience the co-occurring issues of addiction, mental health distress and a history of abuse.

The Women's Centre of Calgary

The Women’s Centre provides a safe and supportive space accessed by thousands of women in Calgary annually. They offer women opportunities to both receive and provide support, connect with others and build community through a variety of programs. While the Women’s Centre is open to all women, more than 80% of the women who access their services are living in poverty.