How to Help Others

When You Know Someone Who Needs Help

If you believe that someone you know is in an abusive relationship, the best thing you can do is let them know you are there to listen and help. Let the other person know that you are a supportive, non-judgemental friend they can turn to whenever they need. 

Sometimes, this person may decide not to leave the relationship or not to reach out for help, and they will need you to continue to be there for them anyway.

You should also encourage the person to reach out for help and plan for their safety. If the person is in immediate danger or has been a victim of a criminal offence, you can also report it to the police.

For signs of an abusive relationship and ways to get help, visit our Getting Help page.

When You Want to Help GenerallY

The Calgary Domestic Violence Collective does not have volunteers, however our members have a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities. Please look at our list of members to find and contact an organization that fits with your interests.

Many of the organizations that work with victims of domestic violence also rely on donations to operate. If you want to help with financial donations, we encourage you to also look at our list of members to find and contact whichever organization you most want to support.