The Calgary Domestic Violence Collective is grateful for any donations to support our work in domestic violence prevention. Taxes receipts are issues by our backbone agency, Sagesse.


At our core, we are about creating space for connection, innovation, learning and growth. As self-organizers, CDVC members represent a broad range of organizations, sectors and political affiliations. Together, we are co-authoring our version of collective impact to address the complexities that underpin the systems and structures that support violence, and create deep and durable impact.

Collective Impact is a framework created to address complex social issues, and create deep, sustainable change. Unlike a ‘collaborative’, a ‘collective’ focuses on high impact opportunities for change (i.e., populations vs. individuals). A key aspect of a ‘collective’ is infrastructure – also referred to as a backbone organization. Sagesse serves in this capacity by stewarding CDVC’s vision and strategy, mobilizing funding and advancing policy.

The Calgary Domestic Violence Collective is proud to work with IMPACT. This initiative brings together a network of service providers to address shared issues, enhance services and supports across Alberta and identify opportunities for large scale change. This work will build the capacity of service providers across the province and enable Albertans affected by domestic and sexual violence to have access to high quality supports in their communities.


Common Agenda

Members subscribe to a shared vision, a common understanding of the issue(s) and a joint approach to addressing the issue(s). To make sure there is a coordinated approach to helping families in crisis.

Shared Measurement

Shared Outcomes and consistent collection of data among members to measure the alignment of efforts and impact.


Consistent, open communication to establish trust, assure mutual objectives and motivate members.


Activities are coordinated through an action plan that is updated every two years.

Expertise & Capacity

Priorities are based on the historical and current work of CDVC, as well as social and political context.

Strong Backbone

Strong backbone support to steward the vision and strategy for CDVC, mobilize funding and advance policy.


We have three areas of focus, which we revisit every two years. Currently our focus is:

1. Coordination Along the Service Spectrum:

Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Research to understand how organizations collaborate and how to leverage collaboration, as well as to identify gaps in services.
  • Development of a universal screening tool for professionals working within the legal system (i.e., lawyers, mediators, etc.).
  • Identification of opportunities to streamline and/or enhance the client experience while accessing services.

2. Ethno-culturally Diverse Communities (Creating Equity)

Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Research to understand barriers to equity in addressing domestic violence
  • Development of an Equity framework for CDVC

3. Men and Boys Addressing Structural Violence

Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Developed an educational workshop for service providers to address structural violence with men and boys.
  • Convene collective impact initiatives focused on addressing structural violence with men and boys.

4. Causal Layered Analysis and Multi Perspective Perspective (stay tuned…. This work is starting sometime this fall)

How do we measure results?

As a collective, we leverage our membership to identify and support high-impact opportunities, share knowledge and influence norms, practices, programs and policies related to domestic violence prevention. We utilize I2L2 (Influence + Leverage + Learning = Impact) as our primary measurement tool:

  • Influence is the range of norms, practices, programs and policies that make up informal and formal systems.
  • Leverage refers to our relationships and resources directed to CDVC’s areas of focus.
  • Learning is the application of knowledge and adaptive practices.
  • Impact represents the ways in which individual lives and populations are positively affected; includes health, livelihood, education, and other aspects of wellbeing.


Our team is a diverse mix of representatives from the CDVC member organizations. Between our Core Working Groups and Leverage Working Groups, members have expansive opportunities to collectively reach our goals. This team includes:


Our members have a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities. If you want to help with financial donations or join any of our organizations, please look at our list of members or contact us.

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