At our core, we are about creating space from connection, innovation, learning and growth. As self-organizers, CDVC members represent a broad range of organizations, sectors and political affiliations. Together, we are co-authoring our version of collective impact to address the complexities that underpin the systems and structures that support violence, and create deep and durable impact.


Common Agenda

Members subscribe to a shared vision, a common understanding of the issue(s) and a joint approach to addressing the issue(s). To make sure there is a coordinated approach to helping families in crisis.

Shared Measurement

Consistent collection of data among members to measure the alignment of efforts and impact.


Consistent, open communication to establish trust, assure mutual objectives and motivate members.


Activities are coordinated through an action plan that is updated every two years.

Expertise & Capacity

Priorities are based on the historical and current work of CDVC, as well as social and political context.

Strong Backbone

Strong backbone support to steward the vision and strategy for CDVC, mobilize funding and advance policy.


Our members have a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities. If you want to help with financial donations or join any of our organizations, please look at our list of members or contact us.

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