CALGARY, AB – On the morning of Thursday, August 3, 2017 the Domestic Conflict Unit of the Calgary Police Service received a call regarding a domestic assault in the 4700 block of Dalton Drive NW. Officers found a 37 year-old woman with life threatening injuries they believe are related to a domestic conflict. Several media sources have since reported that the woman’s husband had left before police arrived and later found by RCMP as the victim of a fatal crash on the Queen Elizabeth II highway near Crossfield. Domestic assault and abuse continues to be a significant issue in our community and this incident demonstrates the far reaching impact it has on all members of the family and those connected to them.

“All forms of abuse have potential long-term impacts on all involved and affected by the abuse.” Says Heather Morley, Vice President, Programs & Services at YW Calgary. “Recovering from trauma is a lengthy process and requires an extensive array of formal and informal support systems.”

In this instance, a neighbour awoke to the sound of crying children and called police. She later told police how stunned she was by the brutality of this assault and shared her deep concern for the couple’s two young girls. Police report the mother remains in stable condition. However, we know that surviving the physical assault is just the start of a long road to recovery. Shelter outreach services, counselling and trauma informed supports which are readily available in Calgary will be needed by mother and children to heal from this trauma. In the days and months to come the family and those who supported them by reaching out for help could experience far-ranging personal, health, economic, legal and social impacts from the abuse and trauma they have suffered.

Calgary Domestic Violence Collective partner organizations provide and advocate for a community of care for anyone experiencing domestic or sexual violence, or who know someone in need of help. Calgary has numerous supports for people affected by the wide spectrum of traumas that domestic and family violence creates. As informed and educated bystanders, we all have a responsibility to offer understanding and support. Regardless of who is showing abusive or violent tendencies towards another, reaching out for help can prevent a dangerous situation from escalating.

Please contact the resources listed below for support if you or someone you know may be experiencing domestic abuse

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call: 911

If you are experiencing abuse or have questions about domestic abuse, please call: 403-234-7233 (SAFE).

If you are experiencing or have questions about sexual abuse and sexual assault, please call: 403-237-5888.