Protection Orders Training

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CDVC’s Access to Legal Advisory Working Group has developed tools for frontline service providers to assist in navigating the process of applying for the following Protection Orders:

  • Emergency Protection Order
  • Emergency Protection Order Review
  • Parenting Order

The maps are for general information purposes and professional consultation from a legal service provide is recommended. Any feedback on the functionality of this tool is welcome. This training will feature presentations from:

  • Legal Aid Alberta on the process for applying for an Emergency Protection Order and the process for an Emergency Protection Order review.
  • Calgary Legal Guidance on the process for a Parenting Order.
  • A constable with the Equally Safe, Domestic Conflict Response Team (DCRT) who will be discuss the support that the Equally Safe, DCRT constables provide for clients accessing protection orders.

This training is recommended for any frontline service providers who are hoping to better understand Emergency Protection Orders and Restraining Orders with the goal of simplifying the process for the clients they support.

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